…spring cleaning the knitting projects…..

Giza #1 test run complete

The ichord bind-off ran to 700 stitches….I’ve known it be worse! This afternoon, am picking-up the hand dyed yarn for therealthing – very exiting.

Giza#1 modelled by myself and the cat 😉

So, having finished the Giza#1 was feeling a bit knitting bereft and decided to tidy up The Project Cupboard.

The Project Cupboard – which is really my wardrobe. I’m quite good at keeping each project in its individual project bag, but not very good at keeping the bags in the Proper Project Cupboard. Mainly because that involves a climb to the loft.

It’s also pointless trying to explain to a non-knitter (poor craft bereft things), why it’s necessary to have two, or three (or more), things on the go at any one time. That what one wants to knit, in that moment, depends on all manner of things: mood, engery levels, what’s on Netflix – do I concentrate on what I’m knitting, or what I’m watching? So, a project for every eventuality is needed.

And then it becomes necessary to shove projects into the wardrobe, outofsight, so nooneknows just how many are on the go at any one time – even me.

Firstly, I untangled and wound up all the stray and left over balls of yarn in the various project bags. And thought about finishing some of the WIPs.

This has been on going for 18 months now. In and out of various cupboards, at home, at friends (you know who you are), the loft, the wardrobe; but yesterday I finally sewed in all the ends and am now thinking about wearing it.

And this one, I frogged the bit in green and have decided to carry on with the pink only. The green bit was too tight, despite going up a needle size, and it had pulled the whole jumper out of shape.

Never be afraid to frog…

Lastly, for today, mum didn’t like the pic of her dog I’d used in my last post, because you couldn’t see the dog’s face. So, this is a mum approved photo, to rectify the situ….

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