…and then I got completely side tracked…

I was all set to crack on with my Giza Shawl project, then Spring, dog walking and car brake-downs, got in the way. In the case of the car, it was literally – the brakes. So getting them fixed was a bit of a mustdoasap since, safety aside (hahaha), it can be a bit remote here without transport.

And it’s well known, North Norfolk is only one missed supermarket shop away from the zombie apocalypse. Plus we were running very low on avocados – and the children needed their avocado toast.

Anyway, car now sorted and apocalypse averted – for now anyway.

The dog I’ve been walking is my mother’s and it’s more than a pleasure to be diverted by dog-walking. However, the downside is….or maybe it’s a further upside….I get to thinking about revisions and changes to the projects I’m working on and then think up other things I want to try out.

For example, I’ve been puzzling on how to knit the plants in this pic? How do I get the textures, shapes and delicacy of the layered leaf shapes? I don’t want to do lace – I’m after something more….umm…errr….I’ll get back to you when I’ve thought about it more.

Anyway – back to the Giza Shawl. The first-knit-draft is just about finished.

It’s the first time I’ve knitted a practice piece in prep for the therealthing. The planning – and taking notes, keeping track of how it’s going, have been a very informative learning process. As I have learnt, often the hard way, that although while knitting I am convinced I will remember what I’m doing, what row I am on, where I want to do the increases – it really does need to be written down.

Overall it’s an asymmetric triangle design and I think I will keeping going until I have 300 stitches. The idea is then to do an ichord bind-off all the way round. And, just at the moment, I don’t want to think about how many stiches that will be. Or how much yarn it will take.

I have already underestimated the amount of the gold colour I would need – so I’ve had to use a range of gold/yellow yarns, which, on the whole have created their own very pleasing effect. The other colours are from scrap yarns, left over from other projects.

So – back to the final row – then that bind-off. Next time, I hope to have a pic of the completed shawl and an update on the yarn being dyed for the ‘real’ project…..

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