The story so far…..and more on the topic of test knitting

Remadebyhand’s Chevronelle Wrap – test knit by Knorfolknots

I’ve been knitting, on and off, since childhood. However, over the past few years it’s become an increasingly more important and absorbing part of my life – knitting for fun, for therapy and for getting out some of that creativity that lurks in us all, somewhere.

The other thing I’ve discovered having ‘come back’ to knitting is, the impact the internet and social media have had on crafting. Not only are there now great spaces to hook-up with other knitters and crafters from all over the world, doing all sorts of amazing and interesting things, but there’s also access to a huge range of fabulous wools and yarns out there – something that’s really made a big impact on me as I’ve been rediscovering my knitting self.

The story of my most recent knitting history is on my Norfolknots Ravelry site – and what it shows is: lots of shawls! There’s a few jumpers and cardigans there too, but really – mainly lots of shawls.

I think this has happened because, there’s only so many jumpers and cardigans family and friends want – and it’s not cheap knitting a large garment in some of the delicious yarns available to work with. Shawls are great projects to try experiments with yarns, colour and stitches – they also make great presents, and it’s much easier to tailor the projects to the personality of who it’s being knitted for – again in terms of colours, style and stitches.

I’ve also sold a few on Etsy and Ebay.

So, I’ve been knitting away and getting bolder with my colour choices and increasingly tweaking and adjusting patterns to better suit the kind of finished item I was after. I also started to be hugely influenced by colours and textures in the natural environment around where we live – the wild and sometimes raw North Norfolk (UK), coast and countryside.

And then friends started to be more interested in the things I was ‘making-up’ myself, than the items knitted from patterns.

Encouraged by friends’ responses – and by strangers’ positive reactions after a bit of puttingstuffoutthere on Instagram, I signed-up for a few test knits. Again, I’ve been really encouraged by the responses from the pattern designers’ I’ve been knitting for. Not only have they been complimentary about my capacity as a knitter, but have also said great things about my colour choices and choice of yarns.

So, having done a few test knits, I’ve gotten up the courage to begin exploring a new phase….blogging…….and working with a fellow crafter, who dyes her own yarns with natural materials from the amazing Norfolk countryside. And this next part of the story is really what this blog is (mainly) going to be about…….tbc….

remadebyhand’s Chevronelle Cowl – test knit by Knorfolknots

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